About Me

About Me & My Mission
My name is Jennifer Potter, I am crazy wife and mom of 2 beautiful children. I am a 200RYT yoga instructor, Reiki Practitioner, and so many more things… I am a busy girl with an agenda to help everyone I see.
You see my posts & you wonder WHY I decided to start an apparel company... 

In 2012, pregnant with my daughter I was diagnosed with a heart condition. 7 years later, the healthiest I have EVER been, I went through the absolute scariest moment of my life. At the ripe age of 36 years old. I had a minor heart attack…My mission is to help everyone especially women feel empowered... to feel strong and to feel beautiful... that no matter what god hands you in life, you use it as fuel to ignite your fire. 

We live in a world consumed by social media, norms and trends... We want to be like the IGer who has 54k followers, the YouTuber who talks about their favorite foods (not including me... Lol) the FaceBooker who makes handstands look easy... Don’t get me wrong, you can want to be any of these things, BE all these things... I encourage you to do it! BUT do it for YOU... 

I challenge you to BE the person YOU that you want the world to see. Not the person YOU think the world wants you to be. It may have taken me 36 years… But this is ME. My goal is to inspire and empower! A percentage of all my proceeds will be going back into the community to send the same message... If there is anything you get from reading this today it’s: YOU are Strong, YOU are BeYOUtiful, You are YOU!